I am a therapist in private practice in Davis, California since 1976.  Prior to starting my private practice I worked in the Psychiatric Crisis Clinic at the UCD Medical Center in Sacramento. I retired from my practice in November of 2021 and now work as a consultant. I am especially interested in providing consultation to therapists working with clients who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. It has been my experience that there are too few therapists who have experience and expertise in working with people who suffer with OCD. 

My hope is that providing consultation to therapists working with OCD clients, the field of therapists available to treat OCD will increase. I am also hoping that therapists will be more willing to accept OCD clients if they can have consultation in their treatment.

I have found my work with people struggling with OCD to be extremely rewarding. Frequently, it was the first time my client had understood that what they were experiencing was OCD and that there was treatment for it. 

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